Proudly Shares my favorite cats. They are now retired but will always be remembered with fondness.

I have been involved with Bengals for many years and every one of my cats has a special place in my heart. 
This page is devoted to the Bengals that have shared my home and gained my affection.  These photos
embody the essence of my breeding program and experience with Bengals.  I have gained many insights and have
followed many of these cats once retired and this page is dedicated to them.

 Undermyfoot Malissa (a/k/a Daisy)     
UndermyFoot Malissa (Daisy) of Askaribengals was the very first girl I had in my breeding program.  She was wonderful in every way and when she was retired, she lived her life pampered in a wonderful home.  They let me know she was loved and recently advised she has passed away.


Flashpoint Bianca of Askaribengals
Callista Chuckalena x Niemengals Fiona of Flashpoint

Bamboo Luke of Askaribengals
Bamboo Luke was Askaribengals's first stud and was a beautiful tri-colored marble full of pelt, glitter and sweetness.  Luke's photo is on the cover of Cats 24/7 and gratitude  goes to Deanne Fortnam and her daughter Heather for taking such wonderful pictures of him and submitting them to the editors. He lived to the ripe age of 18 and had a most wonderful life. He was a great cat.
Askaribengals Molly
(Askaribengals Zulo of Wolfermist x Undermyfoot Malisa (Daisy) of  Askaribengals)
Chaparral Category Five Twister
(IW SGC Hunterdonhall Tarzan x TGC Hunterdonhall Tsunami of Chaparral)

Tula with Mom, Provinmountain Aby
Askaribengals Tula
(Ch Aluren Maupi Lami of Constellation x Provinmountain Aby of Askaribengals)
KitznKatz Maggie of Askaribengals
(Procyon of Kitznkatz x Bengalpalace Nova of Kitznkatz)
Maggie now resides in a pet home.

Askaribengals Delcie
(Bamboo Luke of Askaribengals x  Undermyfoot Malisa (Daisy) of Askaribengals)
Delcie  now lives with a wonderful family who enjoys her.
Constellation Opal of Askaribengals
(Ch Aluren Masup Lami of Constellation x Stillriver Kore of Constellation)
We really enjoyed Opal who will always have a special  place in my heart.


Absolutely Angel (Popcorn) of Askaribengals
(Whillows December Wizard of Absolutely x Absolutely Champagne Wishes)
Popcorn now lives with a loving family.  She definitely was one of

my favorite girls!!


Gogees Sebastian of Askaribengals
(RW SGC Gogees Warpaint x Gogees Pashmina of Nairobi)

Sebastian now resides with a family who loves him.

Awagati Samosa
(Ch Stonehenge Rolling Stone x Awagati Nefrititi)

Samosa was one of a kind!
Undermyfoot Sampson of Askaribengals
(Millwood Shiloh of Undermyfoot x Undermyfoot  Nugette of Gold)
Sammy was our first Bengal and a much loved pet. He was  smart, beautiful, gentle and friendly. He loved us and we loved him. He was one of a kind!

Askaribengals Myst
(Askaribengals Zulu of Wolfermist x Askaribengals Delcie)

Whimsy of Askaribengals
(Lakewood Bakari of Amarillofields x Amarillofields Isabella Sadi)

Askaribengals Trinity
(Absolutely Angel of Askaribengals x Askaribengals Jay Ar)
Trinity is a Popcorn/Jay Ar daughter who is now enjoying retirement.

Askaribengals Mari'a Fernanda
Chaparral Category Five Twister x Undermyfoot Malisa (Daisy) of Askaribengals)

Askaribengals Lilja (pronounced "Lilly-ah")
(TGRC Askaribengals Zulu of Wolfermist x Askaribengals Delcie)

Askaribengals Jay Ar
(Askaribengals Harley x Askaribengals Lulubelle)
Askaribengals Noodles
(RW SGC Chloes Chief Strong Medicine x Askaribengals Lilja)

Awagati Jake
Goldenstar Annabel of Askaribengals
(IW SGC Millwood Ischeron of Dreamland x Goldenstar SiarraGold)
IAmCats Isis of Askaribengals
(Tapastree Asa x IAmCats Tangier Gold of Nahanni)
IAmCats Isis of Askaribengals - Mink Snow Marble
Harmony of Askaribengals
(GRC Kalanikats Opus x Artimas Carrie)
GRC Kalanikats Opus of Askaribengals
(RW CH Stonehenge Merican Idol of Drinkwater x SGCA Kalanikats Paris)

Awagati Seismic of Askaribengals
Awagati Leadbelli x Agawati Shakwave
Askaribengals Fireball was an absolute love.  Click on his image for additional photos.
Amazonbengals Gideon of Askaribengals
Gideon sired some beautiful kittens here and now resides in a loving pet home.
Askaribengals Celebration
What can I say her. Celebration was my pride and joy and had the personality to match. Unfortunately she had difficult labors and didn't produce any offspring. She is now living with a family who totally enjoys her. I miss her!